Qme Friendly User Network

A Friendly Heart!

Whether you need simple or complex member profiles on your site, Qme.FUN will serve you well.

With a modular structure at its heart, you can switch on or off different user profile sections without affecting Qme.FUN’s  central functionality.

In short, Qme.FUN can be molded to fit into your site, adding only the stuff you need for your WordPress user profiles, without the extra bloat.

Groups, Groups, Groups!

Qme.FUN introduces what was sorely missing among WordPress profile plugins.

User Groups can be used for creating different types of WordPress user profiles, for building separate directories, for different sign up processes and in so many other ways!

Groups also feature in privacy settings making selective content visibility a breeze. Groups can have their own group leaders, badges and properties.

You will be surprised how many things you can do with groups.

Paid Group Sign Ups

Want to charge users for WordPress memberships? Or make content available for a fee? Or perhaps introduce multi-tier pricing for membership sign ups?

All this and more is possible with Qme.FUN and PayPay. 

Our built payment system when combined with power of restriction and group settings.

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Attention Event Planners!

Attention Event Planners you can now Partner with Qme.FUN and have the power of our Friendly User Network.

Great for Trade Shows, Leagues, or Special Event. Using our Qme.FUN Friendly User Network easily creates engagment bettween event organizers and event attendees. 

There is no better way to collect information than our Qme.FUN Customer QR Code that come with each Registered User.

We Create Your Landing Page

We Create a Mobile Friendly Event or Business Landing Page Plus a Group Page. Directing Potential Clients to Request More Info. 

Customer Requests More Info

Once  your Client Requests more information you will have their Name and Email Address added to your Email Marketing System. 

Customer Joins Private Group

Your Client Joins Your Free or Paid Private Groups. You can charge a 1 Time Fee associated a group or event. PayPal is the Processor.

New Clients Friend Members

Visitors and Members start engaging other  building relationships. Let Qme.FUN builds your community of users.

Members Securly Shares Info

Members can now share Private Info via their ID Card on their Smart Phones.  Pay for the Event Service Monthly based on memberships.

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