“Share Only The Info You Choose”

“Recently, Facebook™ users voiced their anger over the exploitation of their personal information for financial and political gain. Our Qme Promise to you is that we will never share or sell your personal information.”

Menna Sciullo Associates

What you get with your subscription:
1. Your Custom Qme Card
2. Your QR Code Creator
3. Easy Access Home Screen Icon

Top 1o Benefits of a Qme Card !!

  1. An easy way to share your information with the people who matter most.
  2. Your Qme Card is an ever changing Living Document that you can Update and Change Yourself.
  3. Never worry again that someone’s doesn’t have your latest information. 
  4. Share your Qme Card with Members and Non-Members alike.
  5. Create Multiple Qme Cards for every part of your personal and professional life.
  6.  A Business Tool that helps you stay connected.
  7. Take away the worry of running out of cards when you need them the most.
  8. Create a New Corporate Image with just a click.
  9. No Special App Needed to Text or Email your Qme Card.
  10. End the Cycle of mindlessly handing out cards and Start Building Relationships.

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