Share Your Private Information Safely and Securely

Protecting Your Private Information Is The #1 Skill That EVERYONE Needs To Master.  If You Can’t Protect Your Private Info How Can You Safely Have Fun When Meeting New People

Everyone Struggles With How Much Personal Information Should I Share. Most People Don’t Even Know How to Safely And Securely Share Their Private Information

How Many Times Have Your Regretted Giving Out Your Personal Cell Pone Number Or Even Worse… You Can Hit Me Up On Facebook

If You Don’t Know How To Protect Your Personal Information How Will You Ever Feel Comfortable Reaching Out To Meet That Someone Special

Feeling Confident About Safely Securing Your Private Information Yourself Can Take Years To Learn & Who Has Time For That Right?

But Now, You Can Use Our SIMPLE Bulletproof Method That Allows You To Safely And Securely Share Your Personal Information As Easy As Taking A Selfie!

YES, This System Is The EXACT SYSTEM Used By Million Dollar Businesses To Share Important Information Between Their Sales Agents and Their Clients.

We’ve Just Made It Faster And Easier. This System Has Helped Sales People Generated Million of Dollars in Sales, Only The Top Achievers, The Top 1% Use This System That Compels You To Easily Share Your Information Quickly And Easily

Just As Easy As Taking A Selfie You Can Share Only The Information You Want To Share On Your Personal Profile Page. All You Need To Follow A Few SIMPLE STEPS to Dramatically Share and Secure Your Personal Information.

I'm new to the dating world, again. This system allows me to share only certain bits of my personal information that I feel comfortable sharing. .
Sally D.
Dental Office Receptionist
Guys Asks for my Number and I just Ask them To Scan My Personal QR Code on my phones home screen. They think it's really cool how it takes them to My Personal Profile Page.
Heather Lee
I'm New to Town and I am just looking for folks with my same interests. When I meet someone interesting I ask them to scan my Q ME Card. I like how I get notices of Events taking place in town.
Jonathan Sneed
Commercial Real Estate Agent
Fan Club for Fans of Knuckleheads Saloon in Jerome
Fan Club for Fans of The Johnstown Inn in Johnstown PA
Fan Club for Fans of Wooley's Celtic Pub in Johnstown
Fan Club for Fans of The Press Bistro in Johnstown
Fan Club for Fans of The Boulevard Grill & Warehouse in Johnstown
Fan Club for Fans of the Woodside Bar & Grill in Johnstown
Fan Club for Fans of the The Haven Lounge in Johnstown
Fan Club for Fans of the Southmont Gardents in Johnstown
Fan Club for Fans of the Freight Station in Johnstown
Secure Social Network for Cambria County and Surrounding Areas
Personal Details
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Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. You get to Create a Personal Profile Page
  2. You share the information via a QR Code
  3. An Event Calendar Is on our main site
  4. Groups and Organizations Invite You to Private Members Only Events
  5. Join Special Interest Groups (Some Special Interest Groups May Charge a Small Fee)

& NO… It Won’t Cost you a Fortune, and You Won’t Even Have To Sit Though Hours of Dull Videos

Now Traditionally This Offer Is Reserved ONLY For Our Private Beta Test Group

But for the next Month or so You can get Free Access to our Complete Q Me Card System

I first used the Q ME System at a Singles Speed Dating Event. It Worked Great. I met a really nice guy and we have been dating for a few months now. Saving his Q ME Code to my Phones Home Screen made it easy to contact him.
Sarah Williams